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How to measure accurate traffic and sales from the individual post you post on, for example, Facebook. You can also use the same method in other social channels.

# 1 Search Google Url Builder (<-Or click the link here) on Google. Scroll down the page to get to the form that looks like the picture below.

In the fields, fill in the appropriate. What is important to note is the field called Campaign Medium *, the text you enter is the one you’ll find later in Google Analytics, which tells you which Facebook mail this was.

My recommendation is to use the word Facebook mail in layers with date and time if you post more than one to the day. Also note that what you enter in the fields will be used in the url that will show to the user at the top of the browser.

Once you have filled in all the fields, click “Generate url”.



# 2 Copy the url you get after clicking on the blue button called “GENERATE URL”. Glue it on Facebook, once Facebook has loaded it, you can remove the text.

If you want to publish an image instead of a link in the text, you can use the link in a url-shortening service such as (Or preferably your own.)




# 3 When you want to know how many sessions you received from the individual entry, log in to Google Analytics (<-link here). (If you do not already have Google Analytics, you should really consider getting an account.)

After logging in, click on the menu on the left of Traffic -> All Traffic -> Source / Medium. Secondly, you will get a list, where you will pick up the number of sessions from the individual entry.

If you have an online store and e-commerce tracking installed you will also get up the number of sales / conversions. For help setting up Google Analytics or Ecommerce Tracking, please contact us or your website provider.





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