It’s almost infinite with features you can fill your website with. We have long experience with what works, but are always open to input, ideas and challenges.

Some selected features:

  • Supports all the latest browsers
  • Picture gallery and slideshow
  • Blog
  • Easy management of images and text
  • Form – Create Yourself
  • Soner, banner
  • Predefined page view templates
  • Relating documents, images, files and videos
  • Image view with magnification
  • Manage and publish links
  • Map of website
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Bread mule (where am I?)
  • Integration with Google Analytics Traffic Analysis
  • Printable pages
  • Share on Facebook or other social media
  • Advanced contact form
  • Survey Forms
  • Friendly URLs
  • Site map for google webmaster tools
  • RssFeed out of the website
  • Member pages with registration
  • Order forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Banner ads
  • Related articles and links
  • Voting / Polling
  • Free design keys
  • Window login integration
  • Roller management (journalist / editorial system)
  • Booking Solutions

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