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15 years of software development has given us solid experience in developing good and user-friendly solutions for our customers. As we have a strong foundation of well-developed tested solutions that can easily be expanded, we can deliver quickly with high quality. Besides, along to our competent development team in Vietnam, also allows us to provide you the very competitive prices.

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Feasibility studies
Test & Quality Assurance
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“We are very pleased with the new webpages we have developed with Netpower. The fact that the web pages are now also available on mobiles and readers, makes it easier to use when you are on a trip. We thought the new setup is more intuitive in use and now looking forward to working on the website and filling it with content. ”

Linda Nilsen Ask, Advisor and Project Manager for Universal Design in the Regional Planning Department

“We have been a Netpower customer for many years and this was the reason we chose them again. The solution works and it is very stable. Netpower is very service minded, they take us seriously and help us when we need something. ”

Silje Nyman, IKM Group AS

“The new web pages have been very nice and easy to use. Especially the fact that they are now adapted to mobiles and reading boards is a clear improvement and important to us. The design is nice and we thought the process of Netpower has been good. ”

Vegard Johansen, Market Manager Minilageret AS

Feasibility studies

We rely on our customers to succeed with their solutions. Therefore, we place great emphasis on working closely with customers to understand their needs. With us, you do not get big software suites packed with functionality that you do not need.


Our advisors are genuinely interested in business processes and they have long experience that makes them understand the processes. We are along with you from the concept development, design to operation, maintenance and further development.

Our most important learning points are obtained from customers and long customer relationships.


We know that the appearance and designs are closely linked to the ease of use and the users’ overall experience. Therefore, we emphasize that the solutions should be unique, look professional and reflect the company’s expression to ensure the trust of the company, both externally and internally.

With the ease of use and good design, usage would also be increased, we back up this with good functionality so that what we deliver will be useful tools from their everyday lives to their users.


As our solutions are built on the same framework, they can easily integrate with each other. They can also be easily integrated with your existing solutions from other providers.

Therefore, in order to ensure our customers prevent against duplication and double archiving, we have emphasized that it is easy to retrieve data from other solutions.

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Netpower can help you with both website optimization, increased the visibility on search engines and general advice on the types of solutions we deliver.

With good advice, your online solution will be both better and more important to you.


Learn more about optimization

SEO deals briefly to increase the visibility in search results to Google and other search engines. The factors that are important when it comes to SEO is technical, content and external. We are actively working with SEO for you, so you get as much of your online solution as possible


Test & Quality Assurance

Our own solutions are established and have been tested. First, throughout the development phase and then used by customers. In order for us to emerge as a solid company, our solutions must also appear to be solid.


We have had 15 years of healthy growth in a very tough market. We monitor all of our deliveries and conduct continuous quality controls to ensure stability and consistent use.


We rely on our solutions which being used. What we provide is to equip the useful tools to simplify the everyday lives of our customers. By emphasizing the needs analysis, usability and stability, we ensure the customer the highest usage.

We have the full transparency about how the solutions work and we provide our customer the best guidance according to the level of knowledge about application.

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