Online Backup

There are many examples of companies that have faced with major challenges as loosing important data, either by fire, burglaries or technical failures. You can rest assured that you are not facing with such challenges with a stable and secure online backup from Netpower.
Many businesses with small and medium size require the data backup less than 10GB. If you are unsure of your company’s needs, we recommend you start with 10GB, or contacting us for an assessment. Whatever you choose, it would be easy to scale the storage space if your needs change

Why Online Backup?

  • No data loss on burglary, fire or theft
  • Automatic backup every day throughout the year
  • Encrypted data flow between customer and our data center
  • Download (restore) files online or get files sent to storage media
  • No maintenance work after the solution installed
  • Easy to use and easy to get started


Storage space Price month
Up to 10GB 290,-
Up to 30GB 590,-
Up to 50GB 690,-
Up to 100GB 990,-
Up to 200GB 1 490,-
Up to 300GB 1 790,-
Up to 500GB 2 490,-
Up to 700GB 2 990,-
Mailbox Backup 5,- pr. stk

The details of solution

Online backup from Netpower ensures the simple, secure and stable backup of your data, whether it’s files, exchange database/mailbox, MS SQL or MY SQL. Our solution is supported by Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Accessing to the web interface ensures that you have a good overview and management for your own backup set, as well as the ability to download and restore.

The solution is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Locally installed application helps you control what to backup, at what time, and how long data will be stored (history).

Recovering data is done from the same application. If required, you can also receive a disc with backup. All data transfer between customer and our data center is encrypted and it is only the customer’s encryption key that can open the backup set and make it readable. Notice that the customer creates this key itself and thus also Netpower does not have read access to data in the backup set.
The solution is located in one of our computer rooms with very strict security routines and a redundancy system in relation to power and data lines.

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