ASP Cloud Computing

An Application Service Provider (ASP) gives you access to data power, storage and software over the internet. The benefits of this include flexibility, predictability, and increased security. You can work with the same programs you are used to before, but all data processing is done by Netpower.

Hardware, backup, versions, viruses, etc. will not cause your anxiety. You pay a fixed price per user based on the machine performance and software. The desk is always available and you can log in from anywhere.

Basic ASP package

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Standard (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher)
  • Microsoft Lync 2013
  • Adobe Reader 11
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • PDF Creator

The basic package can be easily expanded with several applications. Almost programs can be added into the solution and this is the price of user/solution depending on the server needs, users and license.

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