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SEO deals briefly to increase the visibility in search results to Google and other search engines. The factors that are important when it comes to SEO is technical, content and external. We are actively working with SEO for you, so you get as much of your online solution as possible.

Search engine optimization is more important than ever. Today, over 90% of all online users use search engine to find goods and services.
90% of those who use Google’s search engine do not go to second page in searching results, so it’s important to be present on the first page.

75% of users click on organic results on Google, only 25% clicks ads on Google. Businesses can make many easy steps to improve their location on Google.

There are three key factors when it comes to search engine optimization

  1. TECHNICAL – We perform a technical analysis so that the solution is tailored to the search engine guidelines. Good technical solutions are rewarded by the search engines.
  2. CONTENTS – Which search terms / words do you want to rank high on? Is the content of the solution adapted?
  3. EXTERNAL – Rated by many as the most important factor to rank high on organic searches. Who links to your content? Buying links to your content? Social Media?

The importance of data

Analyzing and optimizing your solution is important in order to achieving your goals. We use measurement tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and SEOmoz, analyzing and defining actions that should be continued.

There are constant changes and new opportunities arise, which your website should benefit from. This is something we can advise you as a customer about.

Netpower offers:

  • On site SEO: Provide training in writing for web or we can write / change the website for a customer.
  • Technical Analysis: We analyze your site to find technical changes that prevent a good placement on Google.
  • Defining goals in cooperation with customer.
  • Linking to measurement tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and SEOmoz.
  • Analysis g status report. Both technical, content, keywords, traffic, competitor, links, sales / conversion.
  • Coordination and implementation of measures. Domain strategy, technical, content, link strategy (internal / external), link building.
  • Regular measurement and reporting.

Continuous improvement

Search engine optimization is a job that will never end. There is no one that can guarantee you results when it comes to placement in search results or to keep the desired ranking. We work systematically with improvements and more than that,we use the latest knowledge and tools.

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