Landing Page – A conversion tool

Landing page is the first page you reach on a website when you click from a social media / other site / Google ol link. Usually 60/70% traffic to all sites will come from other pages than the front page. A good landing page increases the conversion rate of your website! This means that more people contact you for offers / ordering catalog / placing an order, etc.

When do you need a landing page

  • Is a page created with a specific goal. The goal you have is that the visitor should do something as to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter or download a brochure.
  • When you have an ad campaign, they should have their own landing page that will cause more converts. A landing page will give you better results on your campaign, it will be a custom page tailored to your campaign in text and layout.

Netpower offers

  • Design
  • Plan landing pages, set up, test / measure, suggest changes, make changes.
  • Analysis of existing pages
  • Measurement, Traffic and Conversion Analysis

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