Google AdWords – Meet users with intention

With Google AdWords, you are present at the very moment a potential customer is looking for your online products and services.

When someone types a keyword on Google that is related to your products and services, they’ll get your ad.

Today, more than 95% use Google’s search engine to find products and services on the web (Google). Both individuals and businesses use Google to find products and services.

With Google ads, you have control over your budget and you decide which keywords your ad will appear on.

One example:
A supplier in the oil industry offers courses in drilling. As people apply for drilling in different ways, the vendor chooses that the ads should appear with combination: training drilling, course drilling, education drilling, drilling services, drilling academy. The vendor offers services only in Norway, and therefore limits the campaign to only show to those who are in Norway and search on Google.

Advantages of advertising on Google

  1. No visit, no expenses – You only pay when someone clicks on the ad and goes to your site. So when the marketing works. But with each display of your ad, you’re still building your brand online – totally free.
  2. Reach the right audience at the right time – Let your business be found on Google by people searching for exactly what you offer. Ie You only get those who are actually interested in your products and services – not a bunch of inquiries that give no results.
  3. Attract more customers – It’s the easiest and most affordable way to attract new visitors to your site, increase sales online, get the phones, or make sure your customers return.
  4. Choose the budget you want to start with – You decide how much you want to invest. Just start with a daily budget you can live with and we adjust it as needed and in agreement with you. Many businesses get a good start with a budget of only 100-200 kroner a day.
  5. Measurable, Reliable, and Flexible – Google AdWords shows you how many people notice your ads and what percentage of those who click on the ad to go to your site or call you. You get a regular report with recommendations / explanations from our experts.

Video about Google AdWords

Netpower offers

  • Set up of ads
  • Operation of ads
  • Google Advertising Training and lectures

Why choose Netpower

  • Over 20 years of experience and high competence
  • Certified Google Partner
  • You get a dedicated person to relate to
  • Weekly reporting

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