Digital advertising gives you extreme targeting

Did you know that digital advertising can target gender, age, or geography? Ads on the internet can be set up to hit highly targeted.

Netpower helps digital advertising that works for you. Whether it’s text ads targeted to what people are searching for, banners on webpages, or mobile apps or visibility in the map that shows where you are.

With Remarketing, you can be extra visible to users who have been through your website and display these own ads. We often see the very good effect of advertising against users who know who you are and this can help you increase the number of sales in the online store or get in touch with potential customers.

Through AdWords you can advertise to build the brand or sell that specific product. You can get high visibility at Google and other relevant websites. If you have an online store, all or part of your store may be placed in the Google Merchant Center and be visible when people are looking for what you are selling. Targeted and effective advertising!

Advertising in social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is also an option, preferably in combination with other content. Here Netpower helps you all the way to reaching your goals.

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