Content marketing is the future of marketing

Build authority, be a business people to trust and boost the conversation with content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategy where you produce and share relevant and valuable content to attract, establish relationships and engage a clearly defined audience – the goal is increased sales. This strategy is also called content marketing.

Content marketing – or content marketing is the future of marketing. It appeals to both the website’s visitors and search engines by publishing and distributing content on the website of high value. Content marketing is not so easy, however, that you can write some blog posts that you then link to social media platforms. Marketing with content, in its proper design, requires much more to achieve success.

Why you should consider investing in content marketing

  • The customer gets valuable information, instead of advertising they are not interested in.
  • You produce valuable content that you can share in social media (where pure advertising texts are getting bad.)
  • This content can also be used in newsletters
  • Your customers are engaged by this content and will therefore more often click like, comment or share.
  • This form of marketing is also very good for Google, it will lead to better organic placement and thus more free traffic from Google.
  • Ad blockers in browsers are used to a greater extent. For example, Apple will make this a default setting in its Safari browser. If you want to reach your prospects, you must do this in your own channels by meeting with the users wherever they want it

Kapost reports about six times higher conversion rates on the site for businesses focusing on content marketing. They also have 7-8 times higher unique traffic on the site compared to competitors. (19.7% vs. 2.5%).

In Netpower, we focus on four phases in a content strategy:

  • Traffic growth – to attract new visitors to the site. We want to generate new traffic through production, search engine optimization and distribution of content. Info-graphics, business blogs, and other unique content help create growth. In this phase, SEO tactics are used to make the content searchable so that your business target audience finds it.
  • Conversion – Once the traffic is in place, we want to make the unknown visitor a known visitor. We do this to customize and optimize content production against potential customers who are actually interested in corporate services and products. By using e-mail as a tool, one could also be more personal in communicating with prospects. Good, targeted landing pages with forms are some of the tools in this phase.
  • Sales – The prospectus is now known to us. We know more about the customer’s needs, challenges they have with products and services, as well as demographic and geographical data. All of this information we use to direct the customer to make a purchase.
  • Promoters – The best talk for a business is the chat … so it’s positive. We are building a program to inform and update the satisfied customer with additional information, with the wish that the customer will return but also speak positively to other prospects of your product. The customer can and should be an important ambassador for your business.

Here’s what we can help:

Content marketing begins with a comprehensive analysis of existing marketing efforts and traffic on the corporate website. It is important to identify where the shoe pushes to take action that gives effect, as well as to know who the company’s customers and users of the site are.

In this process, we will know whether the measures should be adapted to attract new users, identify users to better communicate with them, increase sales or put in loyalty-creating measures in the after-sales process. It is often the case that all these areas need action.

The further work will be about:

  • Start-up: Preparation of strategy, methodology, selection of channels, selection of tools
  • Scheduling: Segment and Buyer / Personas Development, Identifying Content Needs, Publishing Calendar, Identifying Analysis Needs
  • Produce: Customize content to segments, identify and customize existing content, production of new content
  • Startup: Implement tools, automate the distribution of content, implement the developed strategy

Netpower offers

  • Detailed page content analysis
  • Content Gap Analysis, What is missing in your content.
  • Development of internal links
  • Promotion in social media
  • Maximize exposure in search engines
  • Blog Administration
  • Develop blog topics
  • Develop and implement email strategy, drip marketing

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