Perhaps you have set a goal that you will be better at planning content and measuring what works? Then this free template can help you get started.

Here you will find a completely free publishing plan / content calendar customized for Facebook for 2016. 

Then this publishing plan can help you get started. What we like best about this is that you can save it in Google Drive and allow others to access it, if you’re more working in layers.

It is also important that you note down how the records did, so pick you up with those who did well and use them again. (I recommend that you make some changes to them so they are not completely identical.)

Remember to save a copy of the template before editing it. This is what you do.


slik lagrer du din egen kopi

Click on the file at the top left and then make a copy before using the template.


Do you think it is missing or has a question? Please post a comment below 🙂