Magento 2 MOMO – Payment extension

Magento 2 MOMO

Momo is an ewallet and payments app that allows users to pay online and transfer money to each other digitally. We provide Magento 2 – MOMO Payment extension to any Magento 2 shop that integrates with MOMO payment and save your development time.

1. Install Extension

mkdir app/code/Netpower/Momo
cp -R Momo app/code/Netpower/Momo
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. Admin Configuration

2.1 Config MoMo Extension in Admin

Store > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > MoMo

2.2 Specification config value for MoMo extension

Label Value Meaning How to get
Enable  Yes/No Yes : Enable MoMo payment

No : Disable

Mode  Test Mode/ Production Mode Test Mode : Extension will use config with TEST MODE

Production Mode : Opposite

Title  Input Title of payment method show on front store
Input Partner Code get from account MoMo

Login to MoMo : PRODUCTION

Create your account follow instruction of MoMo

And get information similar the way to get information in TEST (Below)

Input Access Key get from account MoMo
Input Secret Key get from account MoMo
Input URL to call API. Get from account MoMo (Only get host name)
Input Public Key get from account MoMo

3. Place order on checkout page

3.1 Place Order 

In Payment Method check MoMo and then Place Order

3.2 Checkout on MoMo

After Place Order, Page will redirect to MoMo Checkout Page

Phonenumber 0961800390; 0961800390; 0900123123; 0978787890; 0978787891; 0978787892; 0900123124; 0900123125; 0900123126; 0900123127; 0900123128; 0978787899</td >
Passsword 000000
OTP 000000

4. Manage MoMo Order Payment and Refund 

4.1 Manage MoMo Order Payment

Admin Panel >  Sales > Orders Grid
Filter order by payment method with MOMO

4.2 Refund

Admin Panel > Sales > Orders > (Choose Other) > Invoices > (Choose MOMO Invoices) > Credit Memo > Refund

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