As a social media advisor, I get very excited when I hit companies that prioritize social media in the marketing budget. Not to mention how many of those who are willing to use employees in the company. On the other hand, I find that many of these companies have absolutely no idea why they need a social media strategy.

The companies feel pressured to engage! They close their eyes and hope something will come out of social media.

How good would it make your business spend time and money on a blog, Facebook or Instagram if there are no kind of goals and it has no idea why it’s present?

Word of mouth

Social media is a digital version of the jungle telegraph, when you do it right, you hope that followers will share on the other hand. On the other hand, if you do something wrong, you can be sure that the content is shared in record speed. Being present in social media can be too scary for many, but the potential premium is high. To reach the prize, you need a strategy, a concrete and measurable strategy – a strategy that deals with the process of building relationships and giving you relevant and useful content.

You must think carefully about why you are present and take advantage of the benefits of social media. Different goals require different strategies.


strategi for sosiale medier

As in the game chess you should have a strategy to win

Four reasons why a strategy will help you

1. Defined and clear goals

The goals for what you want to achieve are defined and clear from the start so that you have the opportunity to follow a process.

2. Adjustment of direction along the way

With specific, measurable, achievable and time-specific goals – see if you are heading in the right direction and if you need to adjust the tactics.

3. Focus

A strategy keeps you focused. The number of social media channels increases every day. A strategy helps to define which channels are relevant to you and what to do in the different channels. Avoid spending unnecessary time and resources on wrong channels.

4. Cooperation

A clear defined strategy makes it easier for more people to collaborate on social media, especially when tasks are clearly defined. If the person who manages the strategy is unable to follow up, the strategy allows others to contribute.

Social media can be a competitive advantage

It will be easier to get more customers, engage with customers, build business models that are flexible to accommodate and embrace changes faster.

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Should you succeed in social media, you must have a clear strategy and goals.

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