BETT is one of the world’s largest fairs for innovation and technology in school and education. Netpower is, of course, present with SchoolLink.

BETT 2016 takes place in London from 20th to 23th of January and 40,000 visitors are expected.

Netpower is, of course, also present with SchoolLink on an event like this. Come to our stand (C406) to hear even more about our innovative solutions aimed at the school sector.

SchoolLink and Netpower

SchoolLink was developed by Netpower AS, a Norwegian IT company with headquarters in Stavanger and branches in Oslo, Bergen and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company started in 1995 and consists of 60 dedicated employees who are passionate about technology and innovation.

SchoolLink is an important focus area for Netpower and the product is supplied with new functionality in close collaboration with our customers.

In Norway, SchoolLink Messenger is also known as “Message Book” used by schools in Trondheim municipality. SchoolLink Tracker and Kindergarden have previously been called SFOpro and are already in use at several schools in Oslo and Bærum municipality.

Here you will find more about ScholLink

The different SchoolLink products

SchoolLink Messenger

SchoolLink Messenger is a messaging system that facilitates interaction and communication between school and student’s home. The system replaces traditional communication such as; Misspost, notification book, e-mail, absence drops and SMS. With all the messages gathered in one place, time is allocated for teaching while giving the school more control and overview of communication with the home.

SchoolLink is known in the municipality of Trondheim as “Message Book” and has received very good reception from both schools and guardians.

SchoolLink Tracker

SchoolLink Tracker is a student administration system for more efficient operation and control of SFO. The system gives employees more time to spend on the children and reduces the time spent on paper lists and receiving messages. SchoolLink Tracker gives employees greater security in terms of overview and status of where each student is at SFO, and streamlines communication with the home.

SchoolLink Tracker is also known as “SFOpro” and has already been used in schools in Oslo and Bærum municipality. “SFOpro” has received very good reception from both schools and guardians.

SchoolLink Kindergarten

SchoolLink Kindergarten gives your kindergarten a complete dialogue system where the child’s guardians are involved through a user-friendly mobile or web application. Everyday life to employees simplifies and tracking of registered events ensures verifiable quality in the operation of the kindergarten.